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by jonereed
Thu 21 Jan, 2010 05:04
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Topic: Multiple Monitors
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Multiple Monitors

First off I have a 8'' lilliput touchscreen (vga) up front, I have two other Elo 15'' touchscreen vga's i want to add. i know you can buy a VGA splitter/booster but will that allow multiple touchscreens? i want to have all screens working with touch capability. anyone know how to do this?
by jonereed
Tue 19 Jan, 2010 09:53
Forum: The Beauty Parlour
Topic: Chrome Powder Coating
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I have a lot of powder coating on my bike. The guy who does my work is really into bikes and most of his employess ride also so they take special care in doing bike parts. First I would find a shop that specializes in doing bikes. The parts will need to be sand or media blasted first to get them per...