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by shootinhoover
Sun 26 Oct, 2014 23:28
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: Compression Test
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Re: Compression Test

if the numbers are all the same but seem alittle low,squirt a touch of oil in each chamber and test again,if they all go up, then a steady even wear on each chamber is evident.
by shootinhoover
Mon 11 Mar, 2013 18:46
Forum: The Lounge
Topic: PPI calls
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Re: PPI calls

The ppi lot must know i have very little money,they never call,,unless they already know i spend it on my zed :lol:
by shootinhoover
Sun 03 Mar, 2013 19:43
Forum: The Gallery
Topic: Guess Where?
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Re: Guess Where?

south of county durham ? 8-)
by shootinhoover
Tue 12 Feb, 2013 20:01
Forum: Stock exchange
Topic: Oil filter
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Re: Oil filter

£4 postage,,thats one heavy filter. :shock:
by shootinhoover
Thu 07 Feb, 2013 17:48
Forum: New to
Topic: almost ready to purchase a z3
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Re: almost ready to purchase a z3

i have reconditioned many an engine in my job and in my honest opinion i would never bother with a petrol engine with that many miles on. Although they can still run very sweet the main wear and tear is in the bits you don't see,shell bearings,bores,piston ring wear,oil pump blah blah blah,the list ...
by shootinhoover
Thu 27 Dec, 2012 00:28
Forum: The Gallery
Topic: My Z3M's Replacement
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Re: My Z3M's Replacement

And in the lower working class,living on a shoestring world, we have our z3's. :cry:
by shootinhoover
Wed 19 Dec, 2012 23:48
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: demist switch
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demist switch

hi all,
I have a demist switch that came with the hardtop i fitted,i need a prefacelift switch(typical) so now i have what i presume is a facelift switch, number 8 381 912 if its any use for someone,let me know.

phil (G0vrr)
by shootinhoover
Sun 16 Dec, 2012 16:26
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: How much do you like your Z3
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Re: How much do you like your Z3

well everybody has just about covered there love for the zed,i actually fitted a carpet in the garage for mine. We are talking major shagg pile here.sad but true. :oops:
..-./ ../ .-..
by shootinhoover
Sat 08 Dec, 2012 19:02
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: Painful knob solution - ALL SORTED :o)
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Re: Painful knob solution - ALL SORTED :o)

looks a bit gimpish mind, :shock:
by shootinhoover
Sun 04 Nov, 2012 20:35
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: Which Gills? Poll - You decide.....
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Re: Which Gills? Poll - You decide.....

blue for sure,the silver looks like it belongs in blingsville city.
by shootinhoover
Sat 06 Oct, 2012 14:16
Forum: Z3 roadster
Topic: demist switch
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demist switch

hi all, 1998 1.9 z3.Has anyone got a pre facelift demist switch to swap for my facelift switch,fitted the kit and hard top,battled the elusive hidden connector for the loom.All connected now and ready for the switch. :) the part number on my switch that came with the hardtop is , 8 381 912, cheers