DAB Radio Vs DVD

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Z3 Mark
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DAB Radio Vs DVD

Post by Z3 Mark » Sun 01 Dec, 2013 20:53

I have a crappy jvc cd player fitted to my car and was looking to replace it with either a dvd player or dab radio.... basically something a little different from the standard head units that I have used in the past, as I want my zed to feel as special :D

I'm having second thoughts about the dvd player though as I worry about the battery drain, but love the idea of watching a film etc whilst waiting for girlfriend.

How difficult is fitting a dab radio aerial? are the screen ones any good or would you have to replace the standard aerial / have two????
I love DAB and use it at home etc, but if I could find a decent dvd player Z3 how did you go about fitting the aerial and what is your view of DAB for cars in general?

The specific head unit I was looking at was this one:
http://www.pioneer.eu/uk/products/25/12 ... /page.html
As I like the idea of a decent quality head unit, with all the inputs and ability to read files etc that I could possibly need, also I have had head units that you can change the colours on before and it's great for when you get bored!! :lol:

As for the dvd I really fancy a mechanized screen that pops out, i't would have to have a face plate removal function that not all units seem to have annoyingly, and I WOULD attach it to the handbrake before anyone asks too!
My concern would be if the screen would fall foul of the air vents, forcing the screen to be angled downwards.

For the head unit alone I have approximately £250 maximum to spend, but am open to all suggestions! ... pictures of radios in peoples cars MORE THAN WELCOME :D :D
Current horrible head unit that I have.... poorly installed by the previous owner too, sits about 2cms back from where it is supposed to be.

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Re: DAB Radio Vs DVD

Post by nkfb1 » Sun 29 Dec, 2013 20:35

I agree - Yuk . Try the Alpine CDE range. Had one fitted in mine and looks ( and works) great. You really don't need DAB and if you do I'd advise a pro to fit it . CDE incl fitting about £150 . DVD player in the car - a matter of taste I suppose. Wait till you get home or use Netflix on your mobile ... ??

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Re: DAB Radio Vs DVD

Post by t-tony » Mon 30 Dec, 2013 00:17

If you really want a DVD player in your car I would look on eBay and search for "Eonon".I did have one of their units in my Z3 which had a 5"x3" screen which was adequate for watching dvd's whilst waiting for my other half at doc's etc. Added bonus was this item had hands free phone answering/calling, ipod connection and a whole lot more besides.Check them out. Halfords currently pushing digital radio,I think that's were we are all headed eventually,like it or not.
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Re: DAB Radio Vs DVD

Post by Caledonian » Mon 30 Dec, 2013 07:56

I put a Philips CEM3000B DAB headunit into my Z3 at the end of last year and am very happy with it. The prices dropped from £200 to less than £100 6 months ago on these units. I liked the uncluttered look of it, it was black, the backlight it configurable to match the dash lights, it has a USB input so you can play music from a memory stick and an auxiliary input for ipods etc. After a bit of quick research I found you don't need to replace the aerial at all. I fitted one of these splitters and have had no issues.

http://www.dabonwheels.co.uk/Kinetic_DA ... itter.html

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Re: DAB Radio Vs DVD

Post by Jet » Mon 30 Dec, 2013 14:22

Z3 Mark wrote: but love the idea of watching a film etc whilst waiting for girlfriend.
If you don't mind me asking, what is your GF doing where you have time to watch a feature length movie?

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Re: DAB Radio Vs DVD

Post by petecossie » Tue 31 Dec, 2013 13:18

After getting used to a DAB radio in my wife's VW Golf and suffering the poor performance of the OEM Business Radio in my Coupe an upgrade was on the cards.

I went for an Alpine CDE 136BT which I purchased from http://www.dabonwheels.com and had it installed by a professional who was listed on their list of preferred installers in my local area.

Very pleased with the result, Bluetooth for my phone, connection/charging for my iPod and good reception for the radio. Only problem encountered so far is that I have to upgrade the DAB radio software to allow Radio 5 Live and 5 Live Extra to he heard correctly. There is an upgrade on Alpine site to rectify the problem, just have to figure out how to do it! I upgraded the aerial as part of the installation, my installer completed the job in just over an hour. Must admit my heart was in my mouth when I nipped out to see the progress (mobile installer working in my drive at home) and saw the wiring, trim panels and roof lining all in what looked like a state of disarray. No problem it will all go back he said - it did. Great job by a bloke who knew exactly what he was doing.
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Z3 Mark
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Re: DAB Radio Vs DVD

Post by Z3 Mark » Tue 31 Dec, 2013 13:52

I decided on a DAB head unit in the end as other than the mentioned Chinese dvd players nothing seemed very good on the dvd front.

(It may only seem like hours waiting for the girlfriend to shop but it would have helped pass the time)

Anyway I bought the Pioneer DEH-X6600DAB unit, plays usb, has a great "mix" function that blends dance tracks, and the colour switching blends lovely with the dash, making it seem nice and stock!

Not a great shot but have a photo:

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