Wanted - driver's side rear cluster for facelift Z3

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Wanted - driver's side rear cluster for facelift Z3

Post by saltcoatsbhoy » Wed 15 Sep, 2010 21:35

Metal thing on A38 at Derby - avoided tyres but aforesaid metal object popped up from underneath and smashed small hole in rear cluster. Well gutted as will now have to postpone repair to paint scuffs on front bumper.
Can you help?

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Post by Canman » Wed 15 Sep, 2010 22:37

if its the one with the orange indicator and looks like the one below and can wait till end of september then i have one for sale.


Please help. The money will go to a good cause. email me for the link to my fundraising page.

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Post by komis » Thu 16 Sep, 2010 11:49

hier ist die auktion from Deutschland fur ze rear clusterz vitch you require, ze gentleman vill send to all europe, it's fur ein pair and you can sell ze other one fur gut money on UK ebay :D


ps some idiot broke my rear cluster (obviously with a kick) the other day when the car was parked on the street... what the hell is wrong with some people... i feel your pain, i wanted to get a scuff repaired as well and now this has to wait.

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