Pull out chrome headight switch wanted

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Pull out chrome headight switch wanted

Post by Rocketbike » Tue 19 Apr, 2016 21:09

Looking for a pull out headlight switch, as mine doesnt always turn the dash lights on, unless you rotate it slightly once you've pulled it out. So far that's worked every time! I'm told by my garage that replacement is the only way, so I'm looking for one that's got lots of life left in it before mine dies, if anyone has one/can point me in the right direction. If it can be repaired, then please let me know.

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Re: Pull out chrome headight switch wanted

Post by mrscalex » Tue 19 Apr, 2016 22:37

The switch is housed in the air vent.

I have an air vent/switch complete assembly I was going to sell for £25 including postage in UK. PM me if interested.

But be careful in case it's a wiring harness fault instead.
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Re: Pull out chrome headight switch wanted

Post by Robert T » Tue 19 Apr, 2016 22:45

The switch and rheostat is one unit and can be replaced independently of the knob and air vent, so if you can't get one the right colour or only with a black knob, you can easily substitute the ones you have. There is a good guide in the knowledgebase on the removal of the switch here: http://www.zroadster.net/forum/viewtopi ... 18&t=35763

Cheers R.
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Re: Pull out chrome headight switch wanted

Post by Brian H » Wed 20 Apr, 2016 07:43

There is also a knowledge artlcle on how to fix the rheostat in the switch here: -

http://www.zroadster.net/forum/viewtopi ... 82#p386682

and if this does not work you can cheat :)

http://www.zroadster.net/forum/viewtopi ... 83#p386683


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Re: Pull out chrome headight switch wanted

Post by stevov » Wed 20 Apr, 2016 16:51

About 40 quid new from Bmw.just changed mine last month.

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Re: Pull out chrome headight switch wanted

Post by bertiejaffa » Wed 20 Apr, 2016 23:25

Good price from new to be honest

The alternative is a quick fix to solder past the stat - 5 min job and the lights will always be full on the dash - after all, who actually turns them down?!
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Re: Pull out chrome headight switch wanted

Post by Southernboy » Thu 21 Apr, 2016 10:40

I turn mine down - but only when I'm out of town and there's no street lighting.....like for about 1600kms between Jhb and Cape Town... :lol:
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Geoff Crispin
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Re: Pull out chrome headight switch wanted

Post by Geoff Crispin » Thu 21 Apr, 2016 18:27

If you still want one try SPURS FAN IN A COUPE on the Org site he breaks them

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Re: Pull out chrome headight switch wanted

Post by spurs fan in a coupe » Thu 21 Apr, 2016 21:22

If you're still after one I can help, but looks like you've already got a new and second hand price. Thanks Geoff
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