Stock exchange split

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Stock exchange split

Post by garyw » Wed 04 Sep, 2013 19:30

Is it not about time to split the stock exchange in to 'for Sale' and 'wanted' sections ?

As the car gets older and parts more scarce, its an ideal way to keep the cars going...

Also stops things for sale getting lost in the swarms of wanted stuff!

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Re: Stock exchange split

Post by XVar » Sun 08 Sep, 2013 11:20

I think that'd be a good idea, or even go for something more fancy such as the PHPBB3 Classifieds mod: ... lassifieds

It'd be a departure from the norm, for sure, but it does look like a great mod - maybe worth looking into?
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Re: Stock exchange split

Post by Gazza » Sun 08 Sep, 2013 17:24

I agree the section would be better split but you can use the search function within the section to sort 'For sale' then use the advanced search to pull up topic titles.

Example ... mit=Search

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Re: Stock exchange split

Post by Robert T » Sun 08 Sep, 2013 18:32

I'll take a look at the classifieds mod when I get a chance. Quite happy to do things like this is there is a definite benefit to the forum. I have been mulling over a better way of presenting items which are perpetually for sale as well, as these tend to get repeated bumps to get them back to the top of the thread list, often at the expense of other posts. Splitting into for sale and wanted wouldn't be difficult, just need to see if it is the right thing to do.

Cheers R.
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Re: Stock exchange split

Post by siwilson » Mon 09 Sep, 2013 08:03

While we are talking about the for sale section, how about those who make and sell more than one of an item being encouraged to contribute financially or sponsor the forum?

Don't want to dissuade people from making bits for the cars, but if profit is being made it should be shared with the storefront.
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