Happy New Year & Thank you!

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Happy New Year & Thank you!

Post by Zedbedee » Wed 01 Jan, 2014 09:06

Happy New Year!
I have been a member on this site for about 5 years and have received a lot of valuable help and information. The New Year seems like a good time to thank the people who make the site possible and maintain it. I'm sure we all appreciate the work which goes into a site like this which enables us to enjoy our cars and save shedloads of money by sharing information.
Thanks again.

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Re: Happy New Year & Thank you!

Post by seasurfer » Wed 01 Jan, 2014 09:51

Well said OP - Happy New Year to you all x

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Re: Happy New Year & Thank you!

Post by Davejue1 » Wed 01 Jan, 2014 11:06

I'd like to 3rd that! I'm sure most of us take the site for granted and don't really think about the work that goes into it.
Well done guys and keep up the good work.

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Re: Happy New Year & Thank you!

Post by TitanTim » Wed 01 Jan, 2014 11:08

Happy New Year, and second that, thanks to Admin on here for all their efforts and time in keeping the site going :)

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Re: Happy New Year & Thank you!

Post by Southernboy » Wed 01 Jan, 2014 12:16

I'll add my thanks to all and best wishes for the new year...a truly great forum. :cheers
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Re: Happy New Year & Thank you!

Post by Mint » Wed 01 Jan, 2014 17:02

I'll 6th that. Thanks to the admin team for the site and all contributors for their help. A great forum :cheers :cheers
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