New Benifits For Members---1500 worldwide Hotels--Discounts+

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New Benifits For Members---1500 worldwide Hotels--Discounts+

Post by ZZZEMMCO » Thu 26 Jun, 2008 18:24

NO good News or even a post for 2 months---How sad is that? Log on to your site and check NEWS--I have arranged a deal with Accor Hotels for discounts at six group members-Novotel-All Seasons-+++ for BMW Worldwide members = 200K + members.

You need a log in code and contract No from the members secure site.Some Good deals when you have your family 4 seaters with you , room prices allow for 2 upto 15yr olds in price--some include Breakfasts!!


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Post by topfuelking » Thu 26 Jun, 2008 21:46

looking for a carp fishing hoilday we can help


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Post by SpunkyM » Fri 27 Jun, 2008 13:46

nice one :squeeze:
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