Z3 knowledgebase purpose + links to external sites

Repository of 'how to do' articles relating to the Z3 and M roadster/coupe

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Z3 knowledgebase purpose + links to external sites

Post by Phil » Mon 15 Mar, 2004 08:18

The Z3 range knowledgebase is intended to be a repository of information and complete articles about how to tackle common DIY jobs and customisation.

Links to external sites

- Esmerelda's Fixit Page

- Ron Stygar's Unofficial BMW

- TonyCal's modifications pages

- Tim's custom pages

If you find other sites that could be listed, please reply to this thread with a 'suggest you add' message.

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Windscreen and Headlight Washer Problem

Post by ZZZEMMCO » Fri 19 Mar, 2004 13:27

In an MCoupe, we have 2 pumps on our Water container to wash screen & headlights ,and the rear window, but wash was Ok on this. Pumps seemed to pump Ok.Dis-connected hose unions back to bottle found no water in hoses , so lifted up Water Bottle and underneath is a trough in base of bottle for hoses to sit in, away from heat shield.They had dropped out,and were flattened. Opened them out, and taped them back into trough.All Ok when tried. All advice was it will be a pump, So worth simple checks first.

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Midland rear window repairs

Post by garyw » Mon 03 Apr, 2006 12:30

An associate has just had a rear window repaired/replaced by this company in Coventry.. Very happy results and fair price although not a Zed..

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suggest you add

Post by estocks » Mon 03 Apr, 2006 14:16

Parts database www.realoem.com
Breaking Exotic BMWs www.fabdirect.com
Z3 HK amp pinout http://mysite.verizon.net/vze7cdkk/#car
Accesory bits www.auco.de
Accesory bits www.hmsmotorsport.com/store/z3
Accesory bits www.leatherz.com
Accesory bits www.z3solution.com
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Suggest you add ?

Post by henrycrun » Wed 23 May, 2007 08:28

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Worth a look ?

Post by henrycrun » Thu 31 May, 2007 10:22

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Really Helpful Site

Post by baberair » Sun 03 Jun, 2007 20:18

I found this


hope it helps

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Post by Deano1712 » Wed 13 Jun, 2007 21:04

Hamann and G power styling, plus some suspension and tuning bits on here:

Z3M with a few mods...and a little bit more power

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Post by SledgeHammer » Wed 13 Jun, 2007 21:56

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