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Odometer Self Test Mode

Post by Robert T » Mon 06 Apr, 2009 10:17

The original threads on this seem to have been forgotten, so I have compiled all the info I have into this one thread to refer to in the future. Thanks to bok for the original post.

Note that there are two different instrument clusters used on the Z3 - the easiest way to tell which you have is by the number of self test modes - the first has the unlock at test 19, the second at 15.

19 Test Type
Instructions to access the hidden functions:
1. Hold Trip Reset while turning ignition key to on position
2. LCD should show "Test"
3. Use Trip Reset to select function 19.0 that unlocks all the features
3. Wait for display to show "Off"
4. Depress Trip Reset for 1/4 second and release it
5. With no delay press Trip Reset several times to select one of the following function s

BMW E46 On-Board Computer (OBC) Hidden Codes
nr example description
1 Car Engine and cluster data
1.0 46nnn Chassis nr/VIN serial number (last 5 digits)
1.1 4nnn K-number
1.2 690236 Cluster Part #
1.3 045210 Coding (04)/diagnosis (52)/bus index (10)
1.4 1200 Week (12)/year of manufacture (2000)
1.5 09_160 Hardware (09) and software # (16.0) of cluster
1.6 Not used
1.7 04__44 CAN-version (04) KI-revision index (44)
2 (test) Cluster System Test - Activates the gauge drivers,
indicators and LEDs to confirm function
3 SI Data
3.0 1098 Used fuel in liters since last SI (Service Inspection)
3.1 0231 Periodic inspection days; elapsed days (since last SI)
4 Momentary Consumption
4.0 0145+ Instant fuel consumption - 0145=14.5 liters/100km
4.1 0018 Instant fuel consumption - 0018=1.8 l/Hour
5 Distance Gone Consumption
5.0 082 Average mileage; 082=8.2 liters/100km
5.1 0536 Calc. km to refuel (momentary distance to go)
6 Fuel Level sensor inputs in liters
6.0 109330+ Fuel level averaged; Left half sensor input=10.9 liters; Right sensor input=33.0 liters
6.1 0439+ Total tank level averaged; vlgs 6.0: 10.9+33.0=43.9 liters
6.2 0442+ Indicated value (44.2) and tank phase
7 Temperature and Speed
7.0 021+ Coolant/Engine temperature (2.1C)
7.1 130 Ambient/Outside temperature - chg met 5 pts. 125/130/135
7.2 + Engine speed / Current RPMs 1/min
7.3 + Vehicle speed / Current Speed in km/hour
8 Input value in HEX form
8.0 1d0+ System voltage ADC-Value Hex code
8.1 26C33C+ ADC Values HG left/HG right
8.2 0000 ADC Value brake degradation sensor (000=o.k.)
8.3 18C ADC Value outside temperature
9 Battery
9.0 140 Battery Voltage - 140 = UB 14.0v
9.1 242013+?
9.2 074_78+?
9.3 0011+?
10 Not used
11 Not used
12 Not used
13 GonG Gong Test
14 Not used
15 Status cluster I/O-ports (bit codes) 0=low; 1=high
1st-belt contact, seat belt fastened=0; 2) ignition lock contact, key inserted=0; 3) door contact, door open=0; 4) clock button pressed=0; 5) SI reset=0, for reset=0; 6) EGS transmission failure=0
Status Digital Outputs (bits) 0=inactive, 1=active
1) Gong output; 2) Brake warning lamp; 3) Low fuel warning lamp; 4) EGA lamp; 5) seat belt lamp; 6) manipulation dot
16 Not used
17 Not used
18 Not used
19 Lock Status; unlocks functions in range 3-18
19.0 L-On/L-Off Unlock: press button when "L-Off"
20 Not used
21 Software Reset; reset OBC settings
00 End of test

Addendum - 01/01/2014
According to the Bentley book, test 16 allows the instrument cluster mileage to be reset as per test 9 of the 15-test odometer.
16.0 shows discrepant mileage
Display XXXXXX I_16.0 indicates that mileage in cluster circuit board EEPROM is lower than mileage stored in coding plug.
Display XXXXXX E_16.0 indicates that mileage in coding plug is lower than mileage stored in cluster circuit board.
Press and hold odometer reset button for 4 seconds.
Display COPY _16.1 overwrites lower mileage with higher mileage and extinguishes anti-manipulation warning dot.

Service interval information is also transferred by this procedure.
If the battery is disconnected before 2 miles have been accumulated on the cluster, repeat test 16 to cancel anti-tamper warning.

A few notes from when I tried this on my 01/99 built M44 engined 1.9, for those who are interested in the self-test mode.

To unlock the tests 3-18, select test 19, wait for the display to show "L-Off" and press the button *briefly*. The display will then show "test 0" and you can step though to select the test you want.

Having played with a test, press and hold the button for about half a second to exit the test. This brings you back to the test selection and you can select another test.

Unlock doesn't seem to be persistent - once you exit test mode you have to re-unlock it!

If you find that test mode has exited (the odometer displays your mileage), then you need to turn the ignition off to re-enter - which can make some of the live tests difficult to play with.

Some interesting things I found out about my car (which doesn't have the OBC):
1) Tests 4, 5 and 7.1 don't work. The car doesn't seem to have the hardware to measure elapsed distance, so can't work out fuel consumption. It does however give a reading for litres of fuel used since last service! It also lacks the thermometer for outside temperature.
2) The speedo reads low. The analogue display was reading 80 km/h (50 mph), but the digital display showed 76 km/h.
3) My instrument cluster was build in Dec '98 (week 50), which ties in with a vehicle build date of Jan '99.

Finally, I think 3.9 is probably in 1/10 litre increments and 7.0 is in def 1C increments. Otherwise my car has achieved 4.5 mpg since last service and the engine runs a 9.2C!! :shock:


15 Test Type
IC (instrument cluster) tests 1-15
1995 - 1998 (99) 318ti
1996 - 2000? Z3
1997 - 1999 E36 4dr/coupe/convertible/M3

*Test functions 1-4 are unlocked tests and can be called up at any time for display.
*Test functions 5-14 are locked and require unlocking the test mode before they can be displayed.
*Test functions 2-14 can be selected at any time when the cluster is unlocked, even when vehicle is moving.
*Test function 15 is the lock/unlock function.

Step 1: Press and hold the mileage reset button.

Step 2: Put key into ignition switch and turn to KLR (Ignition switch position #1). Your LCD display will show something like this "tESt 01"

Step 3: You will need to unlock the test function first so when the LCD display shows "tESt 01," press the reset button till you get to "tESt 15."

Once you're on test 15 press, and hold the reset button for a few seconds until it displays "off." Now you can cycle through the test features.

Here they are as they follow:

Test 1: Instrument self test

Test 2: Engine Data - This display is an "engine factor" value that is stored in the coding plug. The instrument cluster processor uses this factor in addition to the "TD" signal from the DME control module to process and display tachometer RPM based on the engine installed.

Test 3: SI elapsed distance - the total mileage in kilometer since the last reset. Which service is due at the next inspection (OIL SERVICE or INSPECTION)

Test 4: SI elapsed days - no value for US vehicles. Relates to Euro annual inspections.

Test 5: SI evaluation factor - for engine speed and temp. thresholds being passed.
Display: n = 0 or 1. Engine speed (over-rev) t = 0 or 1. Engine temp.

NOTE: "n0" means that you hit the maximum threshold for engine speed and "t1" means you overheated the engine. I found out from my instructor that this test 5 is false due to software related problems.

Test 6: Fuel Level and coolant temp. - Display of hexadecimal codes in relation to gauge position.

Fuel gauge ----------------> Hex value
A (empty)--------------> 0d
End of reserve----------> 37
B-----------------------> 54
C-----------------------> 90
D-----------------------> c4
E (full)------------------> f0

Engine temp. --------------> Hex Value
A-----------------------> ce
B-----------------------> 6d
C-----------------------> 5c
D (center)--------------> 4f-23
E-----------------------> 1e
F-----------------------> 18

Test 7: Engine speed (Digital Tach)- display of current engine speed

Test 8: Road speed - display of current road speed in km/h

Test 9: Distance reading - this allows the total stored mileage to be updated if one of the storage components has to be replaced. This test step will be used if the manipulation dot is illuminated in the cluster display. This display will show the component with the lower mileage. For example:
Display of 012654 l indicates that the mileage in the internal EEPROM is lower than the mileage stored in the coding plug.
Display of 000325 E indicates that the mileage in external coding plug is lower then the total mileage stored in the internal EEPROM.

Pressing the reset button for 4 seconds will over write the lower mileage with the higher mileage and cancel the manipulation dot. The SI data will also be transferred at the same time.

Test 10: Status bits (input signals) - the status of digital inputs to the cluster are displayed as 0 or 1.
Display: 0 = input low, 1 = input high.
_ _ _ _ _ _ <--- Mileage display...6 digits left to right

1st - belt contact, seat belt fastened = 0
2nd - ignition lock contact, key inserted = 0
3rd - door contact, door open = 0
4th - clock button pressed = 0
5th - SI reset = 0, for reset = 0
6th - EGS transmission failure = 0

Test 11: Status Bits (output signals) - the status of digital outputs is displayed.
Display: 0 = output inactive, 1 = output active
_ _ _ _ _ _ <--- Mileage display...6 digits left to right

1st - Gong output
2nd - Brake warning lamp
3rd - Low fuel warning lamp
4th - EGA lamp
5th - seat belt lamp
6th - manipulation dot

Test 12: not used

Test 13: Country code of cluster - the display indicates the country version of the cluster. This cannot be changed in the workshop. Display: USA 02

Test 14: Software Reset - The reset must be carried out if any faults are present that are not plausible before any components are replaced. After the reset, the system will exit the TEST mode and the lock will be reactived.

Test 15: lock/unlock

Original threads from 2006: here and here.
Addendum taken from here

Cheers R.
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