Removing instrument cluster to replace bulb

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Removing instrument cluster to replace bulb

Post by Gazza » Sun 30 Oct, 2011 18:58

Instructions supplied by Hannyg2011

To remove the dash you need some simple equipment:

T25/Phillips screwdriver (for 2 screws which hold dash in place)
Sucker (entirely up to you what type you use) to draw dash pod out
Small flat blade screwdriver

1. Remove the two securing screws (usually T25 or can be phillips) at the top of the dash pod

2. Use a tom-tom or other appropriate small sucker device (any wind toys etc will do as well) as long as they can suck and grip

3. Draw the unit straight forward towards the steering wheel

4. There should be enough slack to slide the cluster to right hand side (towards drivers door)

5. You should now be able to angle the cluster to see the three wiring harnesses that connect to the back (1 black, 1 white and 1 blue multi plug)

6. These are lever arch sockets so take a small screwdriver (and GENTLY) depress the retaining nib

7. Life the lever up from the harness plug (one at a time) and the harness will release

8. Once all three have been releases you will be able to remove the cluster from the car

9. Replace the blown bulb in the green bulb holder by using your small screwdriver to twist the bulb holder 180 degrees - this will then release the bulb holder and you can replace this with the item listed in Roberts post above (3W bulb if I recall correctly?)

10. Refitting is a reversal of removal

rosewellian wrote:

Tools I used (the suckers came from hardware store 85p each)

Once pulled forward and tilted to the right I managed to get my hand behind the cluster and gently tugged each of the three wiring looms which released enough length to be able to slide the unit completely out to the right. I used the long nose pliers to gently turn the green bulb holder and replaced the 12v/3watt dud bulb with a £1.25 replacement from local autoparts shop.



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