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What's happening in the wider BMW scene? Gossip and news about forthcoming models. Plus off-topic chat.

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The Sin Bin

Post by spokey » Sun 15 Apr, 2007 09:55

A new forum has been created. It is called the Sin Bin. The Sin Bin is a publicly viewable forum, but only the moderators have the ability to write / edit / whatever in this forum.

We want to be a fun place to be, but we also want it to be a useful resource. We created the Lounge for banter and hoped that it would reduce the amount of noise in the other forums, but sadly, this has not happened.

Pointless posts made ANYWHERE but The Lounge will find themselves the Sin Bin, with immediate effect.

Pointless posts are:
a) smiley-only posts
b) "me too" posts
c) posts that do not contribute anything to the discussion
d) meaningful off-topic posts are allowed if they are clearly labelled and do not take the thread in a different direction. If they do take a thread somewhere else, they will be split into different threads. Meaningless off-topic posts will find themselves in the Sin Bin.

If you want to have banter about an existing thread, then feel free to start a thread in the Lounge, quoting and linking to the existing thread. That is what the Lounge is for.

"Let's talk" is for non-Z-related discussions, but we will be applying the same standards to this forum as we do in the technical ones.

Hopefully, the Sin Bin will only be a temporary measure while everyone gets used to the new rules. ;)
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