Poor Z3..

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Poor Z3..

Post by TaffZee » Mon 04 Jul, 2011 07:18

Makes you want to cry :bawl:

Poor Zed
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Post by aspron » Mon 04 Jul, 2011 08:06

Each to their own - but, in my view this is a rather sad thing to do to any car never mind a Zed :(

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Post by dennisedlin » Mon 04 Jul, 2011 12:24

Even more here

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4PVj38y ... ure=fvwrel

Some very extreme.......
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Post by macca » Mon 04 Jul, 2011 17:29

What the hell is that on the boot?

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Post by Badman gee » Mon 04 Jul, 2011 17:39

code vomit

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Re: Poor Z3..

Post by Z3cade » Mon 04 Jul, 2011 17:42

TaffZee wrote:Makes you want to cry :bawl:

Poor Zed
i wonder what paint code that would be at bmw....?
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Post by GazHyde » Mon 04 Jul, 2011 18:48

Just stumbled on this. What looks to be a very nice example of a Z3, let down by a surreal attempt at, well, err, I dunno....

http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/ ... 5392319636



Post by Guest » Mon 04 Jul, 2011 19:33

Personally not to my taste, but some imaginative ideas, and its nice to see a community that has taken on the Z3 and not the normal small hot hatches.......I do fancy the louvred bonnet mind!!

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Post by Robert T » Mon 04 Jul, 2011 22:28

Someone please pass the eyeball fork! :bad

Anyone got the number for the RSPCZ?

Cheers R.
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Post by Jamezee » Mon 04 Jul, 2011 22:37

Oh dear, they are terrible, even my pussies walked out of the room :shock:
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