The right, royal, world famous Zd Calendar 2014

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The right, royal, world famous Zd Calendar 2014

Post by kruisn » Mon 27 Jan, 2014 03:48

Hi all, have been out of touch for a while, (still Zedding with my 3 though). I notice there is no talk of the above calendar this year. I know there was a an awfull lot of behind the scenes work in producing them. So am I right in thinking there isnt one being printed this year??.
Cheers Kruisn
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Re: The right, royal, world famous Zd Calendar 2014

Post by Robert T » Mon 27 Jan, 2014 10:16

Good to hear from you, kruisn. Always nice to hear from some of our far flung members.

I'm afraid there is no calendar this year - a combination of things has meant that I just haven't had the time to invest in getting it sorted - but it has been mainly work stuff though. :(

If there is sufficient interest, I will consider doing one next year. There is a sorry gap on my wall where a lovely picture of a zed should be!

Cheers R.
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Re: The right, royal, world famous Zd Calendar 2014

Post by gookah » Mon 27 Jan, 2014 11:57

I was asked at work why I was not displaying my calendar this year.
After all, I have made it in there for the last 3 years, because, I always said, it was that I am one of only 12 '' members. :D
I told them this year that there is another new member and he got in instead of me..... :D

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