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Post by estocks » Mon 19 Jan, 2009 21:22

I hate these people who move near to a track, then lobby to gt it shut down. I signed a petition saying that if you moved there after the circuit was built, then you have no recourse to shut it down.

No doubt this family will sell up with all the money from the win, plus the increase in the value of their current house. :head:
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Post by HomeStoned » Mon 19 Jan, 2009 22:04

okay outside there house is the next meeting place :D

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Post by muppet » Tue 20 Jan, 2009 19:18

I hate these people do things like that, the "I have moved next door to a night club and there is loud music" " I live next to the sea and people come down and park their cars" " I live next to a football ground and there are lots of people about on a Saturday "

I did not buy next to a kart track a few years ago but live in a rural area, perhaps I should complain about the tractors driving past and the cows on the road at milking time. Rant Done :zmurf:
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Post by markrnorton » Wed 21 Jan, 2009 18:37

Unbelievable !!

I hope this nonsense gets stopped, Croft is a great circuit, for spectating and track days.

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Post by Zed_Steve » Wed 21 Jan, 2009 18:48

Seems to make total sense to have to close a proper race track where people can take their cars and give them the full treatment. Knowing that it has all safety facilities, you can receive proper driving tuition, and there are, plenty of run off areas.

Then maybe more gatherings on public roads will pop up like the one at Hams Hall!

Rant over! :head: :lol:

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