HPC Young Drivers Day 2015

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HPC Young Drivers Day 2015

Post by akirk » Wed 22 Apr, 2015 14:46

The High Performance Course will be running another Young Drivers Day on the 1st of August 2015. This is open to those who are aged 26 years or less and hold a full driver's licence, and who are not graduates of the High Performance Course. The aims of the day are to:

Promote awareness of driving skills at advanced levels
Encourage the participants to develop their own skills
Have fun

More details are available on the High Performance Course website. (http://www.high-performance-course.com/ ... icle?id=13)

If you are not aware of this course - it is probably the top civilian driver training you can do - High Performance refers to the driver not the car per se and is an amazing course... the Young Drivers Day is a great opportunity for some very advanced training at virtually no cost (c. £30 for the day)

I should be there with the z3 3.0l


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