Spotted briefly in Bescar,Scarisbrick,Lancashire.

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Spotted briefly in Bescar,Scarisbrick,Lancashire.

Post by ARoosterinaRoadster » Sat 09 Jul, 2016 10:15

Hi to you all. An Atlanta Blue Metallic Z3 with Black Hood. Who was it please that briefly reversed into Swan Close right-by the railway station - early evening yesterday Friday 8th July 2016.
The driver of the Z3 was heading towards the railway crossing - stopped and reversed into the close and promptly drove-off again back in the direction that he/she came from.

I was sitting watching the TV in my front sitting room,it has a direct view of anything that enters the close - many do as a convenience.

Sadly my Topaz Blue Z3 is no longer there and had it been there - it might have prompted a longer stop to view.
Happiness is a well kept Z3 and preferably running with the hood down - weather permitting.

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