New Roof!

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New Roof!

Post by Jaz » Sun 06 Feb, 2011 10:56

Having hibernated my car during the recent bad weather, I was looking forward to a spin once the snow disapeared. I set off and soon found that the rear window had misted up due to the low temperature. I switched on the demister and realised that only four of the elements were working.
I raised this with the dealer where I purched the car last september and after the usual inspection, they agreed to replace the rear window.

I enquired how they would achive this and I was told that it was a complicated process due to the fact that the rear window is bonded to the hood and thus a full new roof would be fitted under the BMW used warranty..................

The whole job took three days (a clip fractured and had to be back ordered) however I now have a full brand new roof and window!

Interestingly, the radio reception has also improved which I was told, is linked to the rear window replacement.



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