Neutro's Z3 3.0i

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  Z3 roadster 3.0i

Neutro's Z3 3.0i

Post by Neutro999 » Wed 25 Mar, 2015 21:17

Hello all!

I thought I would finally get round to sharing and posting some pics of my zed :) - I took him for a drive on Sunday afternoon and then gave him a wash and wax when I got back. He was looking so good parked on the drive seemed a shame not to 8-)

So after months of being shy and not feeling ready to be viewed by all at zroadster, now that he has had some TLC and spruced up a bit, here he is! - :D (I think he was posing for me :lol: )



'01 Z3 3.0i with black leathers - a.k.a 'The Rebel'

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Re: Neutro's Z3 3.0i

Post by maurice the martian » Wed 25 Mar, 2015 21:49

Lookin good bud.very shiney .at least with a darker colour u can appreciate your efforts.
Polish mine an u cant tell dunno if thats gud or bad

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Re: Neutro's Z3 3.0i

Post by Del » Wed 25 Mar, 2015 23:11

Lovely looking late Z3 with the more modern, white/clear rear indicators and third (boot) brake light. That 3.0 litre engine is also a terrific engine - I'm jealous. :D

Just get that hood cleaned up now :D

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