How to get another email address?

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How to get another email address?

Post by lurch 1 » Fri 29 Jan, 2010 16:25

Sorry for being so ignorant but can anyone please advise me how to set up another email address? I only have one, the same one since coming on line. I am with AOL. Many thanks for any help. :?:

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Post by Jonttt » Fri 29 Jan, 2010 16:45

Try hotmail (or live which is the same thing).

Lots of people use googlemail.

You can even register your own domain and have a more tailored solution :wink:
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Post by Titan » Fri 29 Jan, 2010 18:28

I've not had any dealings with aol for along time but I would be surprised if they didn't offer you a secondary email address.
The primary address is fixed and given/allocated to you.
Generally it comprises a contraction of your sur/first names and a number.

I've just looked at aol's website and found this
It would seem therefore that you can "choose" your own email address.

If you do choose a third part supplier as jonttt suggests, there's nothing wrong with that, but you may not be able to configure your aol account to display those emails.
All this means though is you will have to log onto a different website to read them.

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Post by Dakeyras » Thu 15 Jul, 2010 11:52

If I were you I'd sign up with google. Its probably the best and you have access to their other services with one log in. first useful one that comes to mind for here is uploading pics to picasa to share here :)

You can set up your mail program (outlook etc) to get your mail so you don't have to use your browser to access your mail if you don't want.

Oops old post, guess I should really check dates before replying!

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