Amber Regent - Cantonese Restaurant - Glasgow

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Amber Regent - Cantonese Restaurant - Glasgow

Post by Robert T » Fri 21 Mar, 2008 20:17

The Amber Regent - West Regent Street, Glasgow

My favourite chinese/cantonese restaurant. Lavishly furnished with chinese fittings and furniture. Everything I've eaten there has been good - and I've been quite a few times - it was almost a weekly thing at one point. Very much one to go with a group of people for a great night out- to be optionally followed by draught Hoegaarden at the Printworks. :D

My personal favourites are the aromatic crispy duck and aromatic crispy lamb.

The menu is quite pricey, and not sure if it is still the case, but Monday and Tuesday nights used to be half price main course - which is the only way I could get three courses on expenses.

If yer in glasgi and yer wants good grub, definitely pay it a visit.

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