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Re: Z1 V8 Sell it or Keep it

Post by Bruno » Wed 02 Nov, 2016 17:25

Hi everyone,

Regarding Z1 "M" powered by automatic gearbox, a thing is true, I am not to do anything just by myself, I need of your help (members) !!
Many thanks for your answers.
But unfortunately, I think the members like "Senna" or "Appollo" who have fitted on their own Z1 some M3, V8 or V12, they are not too active on the website !!
I sent some messages but any answer, but they have all of skills, knowledges and background....
So I keep asking them, but I think I should postpone my big project maybe... :head:

PS :
I changed my cellphone a long time ago, so I lost the Senna's phone number !! :head:

Bye Guys
Bruno DIAS
+33 6 75 87 78 77
France - Cannes
Z1 - AL04113

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