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Post by ChrisS » Wed 14 Oct, 2015 12:43 ... AUTOMOBILE

Does anyone have any experience of buying from BMW direct? I need to get steering tie-rod ends, ant-roll bar bushes and lower wishbone rear bushes and all appear to be much cheaper than BMW dealer prices even after deduction of club discount. Since the BMW dealer would need to get some parts in from Germany, I can't see that delivery would be any slower if I ordered direct.

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Post by KevinZ1 » Sun 06 Dec, 2015 08:31

I recently ordered some small BMW Z1 parts (mostly nuts and bolts) from BMW Classic. They were delivered within a week in Belgium. One part was a wrong pick by them, but they answer emails immediatly. Easy to order and you're sure that you've ordered original BMW parts.

At the dealer I needed to order one part by 10 or 25 pieces, from BMW Classic I could order it by piece.

I'm convinced.

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Post by felix » Mon 07 Dec, 2015 16:15

Another good source for genuine BMW parts is They usually arrive in the UK 3 days after order placement.

If you create an account and them send them a message via their contact form you can get a further few percent off on many items. The message I used was along the lines of:

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