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Something different.

Post by TJS » Mon 19 Dec, 2016 19:54

Too late for Christmas presents, however, I have previously purchased excellent personalised technical blueprint drawings of two cars from Black Art Graphics which are laser etched onto brushed black aluminium and I recently enquired if they could produce a technical plaque for the Z1 as an addition to their existing BMW portfolio.

Each art work is fully personalised with the owners name, registration number, VIN, colour etc and minor personalised amendments can be accommodated, e.g non standard wheels or RLE spec. For example the E30 M3 can be specified in different variants from standard to Evo 11.

The BMW Z1 is a tricky one as the company have nothing at all to work from. Ideally they would need 8 orders at £149 (or 4 on the A2 size plaques at £279) and either access to a Z1 to shoot the reference images, or for another photographer to shoot them using a specific set of instructions (each shot needs to be set up quite carefully and requires a decent camera). The information is attached; ... ecd212bed6 (password IRFOTOGRAFFER). Anyone know of a keen photographer with access to a Z1 ?? I am sure we can collectively supply and agree the individual Z1 technical information.

If there’s enough interest, the company can set up a crowdfunding page for the Z1 specifically, people can place the pre-orders via the web site as they normally would but they’ll only be charged if the order target is met. Obviously I would place an order leaving seven (or four) Z1 owners to find in the UK and or Europe. For the avoidance of any doubt I have no financial interest in the company or its product.

I am sure the same initial ordering criteria applies for other Z Roadster derivatives so feel free to x refer the post to other boards.



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