Need help with this sliding part for window

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Need help with this sliding part for window

Post by DrSasha » Fri 10 Mar, 2017 12:55

Hi guys,
Collected almost all parts to make the z1 as new as I can, but stuck without this part that my dealers and Germany doesn't have in stock.

Can someone help be find it? Window is stuck open because of it.... ... 1332290479

Thank you very much!!

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Re: Need help with this sliding part for window

Post by urzzz » Sun 12 Mar, 2017 14:52

I can't guarantee results, but it might be worth giving Kabbert of "" a call on: Germany 0 23 71 45 33 4; as their catalog lists: "Fensteranschläge in PVC für die Tür
links und rechts (insgesamt 4 Teile) Bei BMW nicht mehr lieferbar. art. nr. 900027"; which may be the part you need. And if not they may have another lead. Good luck!
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