my silver 2.8 z3

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my silver 2.8 z3

Post by dansutton » Fri 09 Feb, 2007 21:22

Hi all

Had my car 2 and a half years. Thought it was about time to show it aff and only just worked out how to add pictures. :lol:

<a href=" ... C00402.jpg" target="_blank">
<img src=" ... 2.jpg"></a>
<a href=" ... C00414.jpg" target="_blank">
<img src=" ... 4.jpg"></a>
<a href=" ... C00413.jpg" target="_blank">
<img src=" ... 3.jpg"></a>
<a href=" ... C00412.jpg" target="_blank">
<img src=" ... 2.jpg"></a>
<a href=" ... C00401.jpg" target="_blank">
<img src=" ... 1.jpg"></a>

Regards Danny.

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Post by Gazza » Fri 09 Feb, 2007 21:26

Nice one Danny :wink:


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Post by cleomantra » Fri 09 Feb, 2007 22:46

she's lovely 8-) 8-)

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Post by big cheesy » Fri 09 Feb, 2007 23:17

nice pics, well done. How much snow are you buried under now !!

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Post by Ian_C » Sat 10 Feb, 2007 10:56

I like the clear/red tail lights with silver - looks good 8-)

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Post by ///M_aniac » Sat 10 Feb, 2007 11:07

Looking great, Danny.

Did you ever consider putting clear lights on the front to compliment rear ones?

Beautiful Zed. :P
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Post by dansutton » Mon 12 Feb, 2007 22:46

yeah just not got round to it yet ( the clear indicators), as for snow we didn't get any (thats bolton for you). :roll:

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Post by sundaydriver » Tue 13 Feb, 2007 16:36

myredzed wrote:I like the clear/red tail lights with silver - looks good 8-)

I think the chrome line exterior really suits silver Zeds (a bit more subtle contrast) - have you thought of adding the extra chrome?

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