Netiquette: roadsters vs coupés, Z3 vs Z4, bragging, etc

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Netiquette: roadsters vs coupés, Z3 vs Z4, bragging, etc

Post by Phil » Thu 25 Mar, 2004 21:47

Netiquette: roadsters vs coupés, Z3 vs Z4, performance bragging, etc was established to encourage interaction between Z roadster/coupé and M roadster/coupé owners and to provide advice and assistance to the Z community. This is intended to be an enriching experience in which open participation is encouraged. Whilst there is no wish to limit the freedom to make sometimes-contentious postings, it seems sensible to provide guidance as to expected netiquette on this site.

For full details of expected netiquette, please read the registration agreement at profile.php?mode=register

In particular, please have regard for the feelings of other owners when posting messages, and in particular avoid making disparaging comments about any other Z roadster or M roadster/coupé. All the cars are fine vehicles in the BMW tradition and have their own group of fans. You may prefer your car over someone else's but that doesn't give you the right to cast aspertions on their choice.

And could M owners please desist from constantly bragging about performance--it's the car that's fast, not you.

Any posts not meeting this policy are liable to be edited or removed.



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