need some help trying to sell my z3

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need some help trying to sell my z3

Post by chef1983 » Mon 19 Apr, 2010 18:04

Hey all!

I've got a z3 2.0 1999 modle been trying to sell it for 2 weeks now with out much luck! anybody know of good places to advertise? Its got 86000miles on it and i good condition. Putting a new roof on it this week. lookpng for 4700 to 5000 do you think this is an acceptable price?

thanks scott

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Just bought and sold z3's

Post by peterandjenny » Mon 19 Apr, 2010 19:15

new 2.8 was £5000 sold the 1.9 for £3300
had a classified listing on ebay £14.99 ( post lots of good pictures )
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sold within 4 days, depending on condition £4000 is a more realistic price

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  Z3 roadster 2.0
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Post by Courageous » Mon 19 Apr, 2010 19:18

I'd probably go 4699 aiming to get 4500 depending upon condition of course. Very hard one to call though. Agree with PeterandJenny regarding the procedure though. HTH
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Post by freds dad » Tue 20 Apr, 2010 05:41

Chef the problem you are up against is that most people who are looking to buy a Z3 will do lots of homework and compare prices.
Before I bought mine I looked at 11 others and 6 of those are best described as rough so if folk are as picky as me they will do their homework and use forums like this one for information.

If you look around at cars similar to yours especially on Fleabays completed listings it will give you an idea of how much similar cars are fetching.
We all seem to over value our own cars when selling and expect more than they are probably worth. Put yourself in the position of a picky buyer and be critical of your car.

Good luck with the sale

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