Rear deflectors - advice for a newbie

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Rear deflectors - advice for a newbie

Post by TaffDaddy » Thu 19 Aug, 2010 13:38

Hi all,

I'm nearly a Z3 newbie, hopefully picking up the car tonight (Thursday). My new baby hasn't got a rear deflector so I am looking at getting one. I'd prefer one that attaches to the rollbars and the best options appear to be material or perspex.

Any views on which one to go for?

Thanks in advance,


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Robert T
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Post by Robert T » Thu 19 Aug, 2010 13:56

My advice would be to drive the car for a bit without. You will learn what you can see and whether you will use the central storage box regularly.

I have an OEM mesh type on mine - advantages are access to the storage box, easily removed and the centre zips down so you can see to reverse or see behind more clearly when you have the roof up - disadvantages are that it restricts the rear view slightly - you can see through it, but not clearly - you will probably find you use the side mirrors a little more, but it isn't a big problem.

The clear perspex type are a taste thing, but in general they restrict access to the storage box. They have the advantage that they can stay on all the time.

Both types work well in reducing the back draft into the cockpit and help to keep the noise levels down a bit.

Cheers R.
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Post by Frank.A » Thu 19 Aug, 2010 14:44

I have the OEM mesh and haven't used it once this year even when the other half has been in the copilots seat,and no complaints.

I do wear a hat in the Zed but mainly to stop summer? sunburn,in the winter it's a wooly hat. :)

As Robert suggests,try it with no deflector before splashing out.

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Post by Titan » Thu 19 Aug, 2010 15:06

Hi TaffDaddy and welcome to the forum :wave
As RobertT says, try it and see how you get on.
Our car came complete with the OEM mesh deflector and it really does make a big difference.
However, you don't really realise just how much until you set off with it unzipped.
The mesh does restrict visibility a bit so we tried two different perspex variants with a view to changing.
Neither were as good as the mesh and also blocked off the top storage box lid (which we do use) and caused distracting reflections.
We have therefore decided that mesh is best; others will have different opinions.
I'm afraid only you can decide what's best for you, guided by the thoughts and advice of the rest of us.
The main thing is to get out and enjoy driving your Z even if you currently get a big draft up the back of your left elbow :twisted:
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Post by marcusplowman » Thu 19 Aug, 2010 15:42

Tori recently fitted chrome roll hoops and mentioned selling the OEM mesh wind deflector...worth sending a PM.

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Post by Vic-Z3 » Thu 19 Aug, 2010 20:21

No I bought it ....................... :D
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Post by TaffDaddy » Thu 19 Aug, 2010 21:39

Thanks all for your replies, really helpful. Sounds like a try before you buy. :wink:

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Post by Tori » Thu 19 Aug, 2010 23:33

Yep sorry Taff but Vic beat you to it. whether you buy a mesh or perspex one i'd say they are definately worth it as they do make a noticable difference.

Im looking to purchase a clear pespex version as I have never used the top box since owning the car, the original mesh type does nto fit over my chrome hoops.
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Post by Ragtop » Fri 20 Aug, 2010 08:04

As you can see from the replies above it is about personal preference. I have tried both and prefer the perspex deflector as I like a clear view.
I bought it from a forum member; but originally it came from Depending on what hoops you have you can have clear straps for chrome hoops or dark straps to go with the OEM hoops. I recently changed Zed's and kept my clear deflector for my new purchase. I emailed Simon from the above website and he is sending me some dark straps for my OEM hoops as I had clear straps on chrome hoops on my previous Zed.

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