Exhaust failure - advice wanted (glasgow)

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Exhaust failure - advice wanted (glasgow)

Post by Belle » Thu 16 Sep, 2010 14:01

Hi guys.
Not been the smoothest start for me and my Z. A few days ago this happened....
<a href="http://s1030.photobucket.com/albums/y36 ... 3702-1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1030.photobucket.com/albums/y36 ... 3702-1.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

(sorry pic is upsidedown)

The front part of the exhaust was replaced by the previous owner 12-18 months ago and it looks to me like a welded join between front and rear has come apart.
Kwik-fit want £400 P+L to replace rear section which seems dear.
I live in Glasgow so waiting to take the car to an indy BMW specialist (Weaver's) to get their opinion.
Does anyone on here have any experience of having this sort of problem repaired or indeed any experience with glasgow garages.



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Robert T
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Post by Robert T » Thu 16 Sep, 2010 16:08

Can't quite work out your car from your profile - I think, looking at the exhaust, you have a pre-facelift 1.9 like mine. The rear section is in one piece with both centre and rear boxes on it. You can just see the joint between front and rear between the two boxes in your pic (the cat and the centre box). For clarity, quick pic from BMWFans:

Exhaust system, rear - BMW parts catalog

I just had a replacement for mine and it was over £600 for OEM.

It may be possible to re-weld what you have, but not knowing the condition of your back box, I don't know whether it is worth saving.

Cheers R.
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Post by Belle » Thu 16 Sep, 2010 16:18

Top marks Robert :) It is 98 pre-facelift 1.9.

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Post by BIG DAVE » Thu 16 Sep, 2010 20:04

theres a guy in college milton east kilbride who make s/steel systems mate of mine got one made for toyota yaris at half the price of oe will try to get his name and address asap will get back to you sorry to take so long garage is called simons custom exhaust peel park place college milton north ek
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Post by Mouldy » Fri 17 Sep, 2010 01:08

I fitted a Powerflow cat back system to my Zed recently. Stainless steel with a lifetime warranty for £350 compared to around £700 for an OEM system.

Link to Powerflow website;


and a link to the thread with pictures of mine as fitted;


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Post by leahandsteve » Fri 17 Sep, 2010 19:28

Had exactly the same break in exactly the same place.
The exhaust is ordinary mild steel and very easy to weld.
I took mine off and welded it up and it has been fine for the last 3 months.
Shame you are so far away, I would have done it for you.
You should be able to find someone local who could do it.

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Post by komis » Sat 18 Sep, 2010 16:19

Owen Ferry Automotive have serviced both my zeds and my 325 over a number of years, one thing about Owen, he's a dead honest guy and usually has a solution for everything. He's a bit further out in Paisley, but i wouldn't take my car anywhere else.

If you do make it over tell him Andreas says hi :)

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Post by Tori » Sun 19 Sep, 2010 22:17

You could e mail this seller to check what engine this is suitable for;

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BMW-Z3-CUSTOM-PRO ... 4152ee496b
Now for sale £6000 Ono

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