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Post by z3ddie » Tue 14 Dec, 2010 10:12

Since I put the hardtop on for winter I am getting very bad condensation - so bad that there is ice on the INSIDE of the screen on frosty mornings - tightened everything up, can's see any sign of a broken seal or misaligned housing - any of you nice people have any ideas or similar experiences?

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Robert T
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Post by Robert T » Tue 14 Dec, 2010 10:52

There must be some moisture inside the car for this to happen - so check to see if anything is wet - softtop box, behind the seats, footwells, boot (including the wells either side). If you have a leak, then you need to determine if it is the hardtop that is leaking or whether the water got in before the hardtop went on. If nothing appears to be wet, try closing all the vents when you park the car.

Cheers R.
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Post by SpaceMonkey » Tue 14 Dec, 2010 10:54

If you have no leaks, have you been using the AC?
This can sometimes cause issues.

Try popping a couple of Silca gel packs inside the car & see if it helps.

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  Z3 roadster 2.8
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Post by z3ddie » Tue 14 Dec, 2010 16:19

No sign of any leaks and dont have aircon - as for the silica bags going through loads of them (work for BT so no problem with the supply of em!)
Thanks anyway guys

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Post by chris1984_99_99 » Tue 14 Dec, 2010 18:59

If its a buildup of condensation thats freezing over then try using a window cleaner/anti condensation solution. I clean my windows every now and then with that stuff and it really helps! You could be sitting in the car for maybe 2 or 3 times longer with the windows up and engine off before it starts to mist up.

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Post by motco » Wed 15 Dec, 2010 09:37

I read somewhere that a tray of cat litter on the floor absorbs moisture very effectively - just don't put the cat in with it. :lol:

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Post by Vic-Z3 » Wed 15 Dec, 2010 12:07

Small Caravan De-humidifier works well.
Bought mine from a well known SuperMarket £2.99.
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Post by buzzybear88 » Thu 16 Dec, 2010 21:12

tut tut you should be putting those dessi bags in pcp`s not in yer z , i find they are also great stuck around and hanging of me bikes in the shed over winter
hope you find out a solution to your problem tho :D

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