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Do the sensors tell the truth

The part needed replacing
It was the sensors
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Warning lights

Post by Bill- » Tue 11 Oct, 2011 09:25

Do the sensors tell the truth

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Post by Mike » Tue 11 Oct, 2011 16:12

On a Z3 I'd say they generally point you in the right direction.
On my Landrover, however, the warning lights are simply part of the interior decoration and have will of their own. sometime on, sometimes off. It is why the ABS,Enging warning and Oil warning lights even are affectionatly known as "The 3 Amigos" since they love coming on together in a group.
The Z3 lights seem OK to me.

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Post by Ming » Tue 11 Oct, 2011 16:52

Just had front pads replaced as the warning light was on. Yes they needed replacing but there was still quite a bit of meat on them so I guess BMW build in a decent amount of "play" before they touch metal to metal.

Had a cam sensor problem highlighted by a code reader which was spot-on - although you don't get a warning light on the dash for that.

Have had the yellow "oil level low" light come on a few times and it's always when the level is at the lowest allowed so again spot-on.
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Post by GazHyde » Tue 11 Oct, 2011 17:45

Had a Vauxhall Astra which had so many replacement sensors it was ridiculous. The Freelander was just one mass of warning lights. My VeeDub Bora had a tendency to display sensor warnings for completely unrelated items.

So, on that basis I'm not entirely convinced about them in general, but I've had a better experience with BMW sensor warnings actually pointing to a fault.

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Post by Bill- » Wed 12 Oct, 2011 15:05

I had a few warnings come up on my old 5 & they were always spot on.
I even had wording come up when a bulb went, telling me where. Brilliant old car :)

I did this poll out of pure curiosity, as its a very common subject on this site.

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