annoying squeak

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annoying squeak

Post by tangomachine » Thu 31 Jan, 2013 22:15


Noticed over last few days theres a squeak coming from what seems to be one of the rear wheels. It squeaks once for every full wheel rotation and increases or decreases relative to speed. Over 15 mph or so you cant hear it for other noises.

Could this be a failing wheel bearing? Or a sticking caliper? The steering wheel doesnt wobble which according to the search tool usually indicates a sticky caliper. Going to get mechanic to have a look when I get chance I just wondered if it was anything anyone had come across that was an easy diy fix? If its something easy that even I could fix then saving money is always good :D

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Re: annoying squeak

Post by Jamezee » Thu 31 Jan, 2013 23:02

I am not very mechanically minded, could it be a mouse? :)
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Re: annoying squeak

Post by Bonzo » Thu 31 Jan, 2013 23:42

Try pulling your hand brake up when you can hear the squeak, see if it disappears or changes.

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Re: annoying squeak

Post by Southernboy » Fri 01 Feb, 2013 09:44

If you do pull the handbrake up, don't pull it right up while driving !!! Keep your thumb on the handbrake button in the depressed position so you can drop the handbrake lever immediately. It is possible the brake shoes have some wear, or if not, have a close look at the rear discs on both sides for scouring. If there is any scouring, you may want to have the brake pads checked asap.
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Re: annoying squeak

Post by tangomachine » Fri 01 Feb, 2013 10:24

cheers guys have tried the handbrake while moving and it isn't that. after I've driven home tonight I'll see if any of the disks are hotter than the rest. hopefully if the weather's half decent I'll be able to jack it up to check the bearings

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