1.9 missing cat problem solved

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1.9 missing cat problem solved

Post by RichP » Thu 25 Apr, 2013 12:52

Yesterday morning we noticed we hadn't seen the cat in a while. She's never normally out longer than 30 mins or so, so there was some worried people in our house, shaking bowls and such. Never returned last night :(

Today, i went to silicone up an air intake hose. When i opened the bonnet i heard a meow. i eventually found the little :devil: deep in the engine bay.

By my calculation she has done 28 miles in three seperate trips, including a motorway.

Cat lives lost:

(1) she found a nice cool, secure part of the engine bay to get stuck in.
(2) i'm away for a week next week, and the hose sealing could easily have waited til my return
(3) she didnt dislodge on the motorway
(4) she didnt climb out 6 miles from home whilst parked

Cat is fine and well, if a little hungry and grimy.


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Re: 1.9 missing cat problem solved

Post by Zed Carer » Thu 25 Apr, 2013 17:03

I know that quite a few people have had problems with mice ( and rats ) nesting in their engine bays but nobody has yet suggested installing a cat as the solution :D

Glad that the cat survived the experience.
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Re: 1.9 missing cat problem solved

Post by Jonco » Thu 25 Apr, 2013 17:33

The Zed may fail the MOT now you have de-catted it ( sorry somebody had to crack that one)

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Re: 1.9 missing cat problem solved

Post by barbancourt » Thu 25 Apr, 2013 19:41

Must have been hot in there!

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Re: 1.9 missing cat problem solved

Post by EnthuZiaZT » Thu 25 Apr, 2013 20:08

Just as well you haven't got a dog!!! :thumb:
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Re: 1.9 missing cat problem solved

Post by Z3cade » Thu 25 Apr, 2013 20:12

Is that your new cat back exhaust ?
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