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Garage recommendations

Post by janijoeli » Thu 27 Feb, 2014 22:35

Sorry for spamming the same question here that I have already posted on Z3M section, but thought about increasing the visibility to get at least some recommendations...

Does anyone know a good, knowledgeable, reliable - and preferably affordable - garage somewhere in North / North East London, or relatively nearby? I am located in Palmers Green, near Enfield. It doesn't matter if the garage is even further (like anywhere in or on outskirts of London), of course closer is more convenient but the main thing is that the garage is GOOD and they know their Z3Ms as well.

Also if anyone knows any garages that should be avoided, that is equally valuable information. :)

Many thanks in advance! :cheers

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Re: Garage recommendations

Post by daveofedinburgh » Fri 28 Feb, 2014 00:58

Ill give this a bump, as Im also based in the North London area (Watford) at the moment and looking for a good independent. Im in a far more humble 2.0, but the car is still going to want for nothing! :D
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