2000 Z3 2.0.... mixing oil?

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2000 Z3 2.0.... mixing oil?

Post by daveofedinburgh » Sun 11 May, 2014 14:17

Hi guys,

Looking for some oil for my 2000 2.0 manual.

Oil service indicator OK, but oil looking a little low on the dipstick for my liking (fussy!).

Im not doing a full oil/ filter change, just want to top up. What's the best oil for me? Don't know what's in the car, so also concerned about mixing different oils- should I be?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

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Re: 2000 Z3 2.0.... mixing oil?

Post by TR4man » Sun 11 May, 2014 18:10

I would not be too worried about mixing brands of oil so long as the specification is correct.

A few weeks ago, Halfords had an offer on their fully synthetic oil which is designed for BMWs, not sure if it is still on though. They don't seem to make a top-up size though, just the usual 5 litres.

I actually top up with some of Morrison's finest :)

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