Zed plans for 2015

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Zed plans for 2015

Post by BladeRunner919 » Tue 23 Dec, 2014 11:25

So, I was thinking about the things I have to do to the Z3 next year and wondered what plans others have. I have a list of items that I've purchased but not fitted, most of which are sitting in boxes at the moment:

Cruise control
Power roof mechanism
6-cylinder front bumper (needs prep and paint)
Programmable wiper module
Brake calipers from 6-cylinder Z3
Chrome-ring headlights with clear indicators
Rear shocks and top mounts
Boot carpets with no 'hump'
Trip computer

As you can see I've been busy buying stuff, but rather less busy fitting it!

So, what do you have planned for next year?

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Re: Zed plans for 2015

Post by Joycey » Tue 23 Dec, 2014 12:08

That will keep you busy!

New fuel tank to fit.
Source front lower quarter
Source eaither Bmw aero spoiler or veilside
Fit custom halo rings

Then inbetween that i have 3 Z3's booked in for full chassis rebuilds and one wants new shocks all round.


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Re: Zed plans for 2015

Post by jonzee » Tue 23 Dec, 2014 12:38

After it's long stay neglected on a farm i need to attend to the rear springs (broken), fit new interior (stained and mouldy).
New alloys or refurb mine, full service, sort out car park ding, mot plus a host of other small annoying items. on the plus side it has cleaned up well and only cost £650 for an 85.000 mile 1.9

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Re: Zed plans for 2015

Post by TR4man » Tue 23 Dec, 2014 12:49


Just driving it :)

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Re: Zed plans for 2015

Post by deni2s » Tue 23 Dec, 2014 20:12

Also got a lot parts which needs to be prepared and fitted...

Z3M side grilles
Z3M front bumper with hamann lip, flippers and fogs
Hamann side skirts
New trunk lid with hamann rear wing
S52 cams (together with M50 manifold intake, don't have it yet)
Maybe hamann alloy racing fuel cap (not decided yet)

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Re: Zed plans for 2015

Post by APenn » Wed 24 Dec, 2014 08:12

Full service,
Engine,gear box and rear diff oil change.

New spark plugs.
Stupid question, any advise on spark plugs?? have had Iridium ones in my MG but was not to happy with the wear rate. Only lasted 20,000 miles.

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Re: Zed plans for 2015

Post by z3nomness » Wed 24 Dec, 2014 12:00

Apart from the standard maintenance my list is:

Bonnet respray.
Sort out small ding on rear wing :(
Black or red leather interior
Cruise control
Room over hoops
3rd brake light fix.

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Re: Zed plans for 2015

Post by peter2b » Wed 24 Dec, 2014 17:47

Getting my z3 ready for next years le mans trip

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Re: Zed plans for 2015

Post by Deano1712 » Wed 24 Dec, 2014 20:30

I will be fitting refinished new body panels and making the car look good. Here is the new bonnet back from the spray shop today.
Z3M with a few mods...and a little bit more power

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Re: Zed plans for 2015

Post by Z3andZ4 » Wed 24 Dec, 2014 20:36

Lovely job.
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