Bosch aero wipers £9.00 each..

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Dino D
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Bosch aero wipers £9.00 each..

Post by Dino D » Tue 30 Dec, 2014 22:47

...At Eurocarparts website, pleased I found them at half the price Halfords charge. Free delivery turned up in 2 days too.
Also found blades for the other cars at excellent prices, very happy!

These are the part numbers
2 x 485778200 @ 9.00 GBP (each)
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Re: Bosch aero wipers £9.00 each..

Post by Sloperboy » Sat 31 Oct, 2015 10:01

:D morning all, needing new wipers and like the look of these aero ones, found this post in my search and thought I would ask if anyone else has tried these :?: Are they any good :?:

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Robert T
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Re: Bosch aero wipers £9.00 each..

Post by Robert T » Sat 31 Oct, 2015 11:39

Last two sets have been Bosch. Replaced because they were squeaking terribly after a year or so - will see if the replacements go the same way. They clear the screen well enough and the new ones are nice and quiet.

Cheers R.
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Re: Bosch aero wipers £9.00 each..

Post by Z3andZ4 » Mon 02 Nov, 2015 12:55

Thanks, just ordered myself a pair too.

Great value and whether I need them or not with winter coming always a good idea to have a fresh pair anyway.

MOT due next week so fingers crossed on other items............

Z4MC and 135i sailed through last month so only the Z3 to pass now.............fingers crossed
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Re: Bosch aero wipers £9.00 each..

Post by billysally208 » Tue 03 Nov, 2015 16:27

That's a good deal - but not as good as - ... xyRhBSuBKF

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Re: Bosch aero wipers £9.00 each..

Post by petecossie » Wed 04 Nov, 2015 20:43

I got a set of these Bosch wiper blades for my Z3MC about 2years ago. Purchased the two front & one rear blades for approx £20 from ebay. Been a great improvement over the worn OEM items that were fitted when I purchased the car. I would definitely recommend them.
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