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Post by peter2b » Sun 21 Jun, 2015 18:49

Just got back from a nice run up to Rhichmond Yorkshire 400mls round trip but i only saw 1 z3 and that was parked in a pub car park , arn't there any one driving thier z3's? when i went to this years Le Mans 24 hr trip there was only 1 z3 there and that one was from Denmark

maurice the martian
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Re: Z3?

Post by maurice the martian » Sun 21 Jun, 2015 18:59

Yeh puzzles me that, never see many Z3 or Z4 s, but theres always loads of MX5 owners out enjoying there cars,
Perhaps most polish em an then gaze at em in the garage ,

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Re: Z3?

Post by littlefeller » Sun 21 Jun, 2015 20:03

theres loads around by me :)

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Re: Z3?

Post by Rafolian » Mon 22 Jun, 2015 08:13

There's at least a dozen within a 10 mile radius of where I live in Spain!

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