abs diagnostic with c110

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abs diagnostic with c110

Post by murray » Mon 20 Jul, 2015 17:53

Hi, Successfully located and changed abs rear right sensor, checked rear left and it was working ok 1400ohms, it was the only one that i could prize out of the location hole easily, the rear right i thought i would have to drill out but it eventually prized out, i tried to revolve the sensor to loosen it not realising that there are four ridges that stop the sensor turning, thus prized out using 2 screw drivers, the front sensors are stuck solid at the moment but no problems from them so i have left well alone,
This was after using the c110 scanner from china which would not work at the first attempt, found out that the adaptor for the round ob11 was not connecting with the oblong socket, dismantled the oblong socket and adjusted the bayonet so that they were a snug fit with the pins, worked a treat,
the fault reading was confusing as there were 3 faults thrown up a code 31 electrical rear right, code41 electrical rear left, and a code 42 discontinuity rear left, after the sensor change of the rear- right it worked a treat and all lights went out, checked the new sensor for ohms and it read 1400, the old one read region 600, so alls well at the mo, 2000cc year 2000 individual velvet blue champagne seats blue pipe, http://www.zroadster.net/forum/posting. ... e=post&f=5#

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Re: abs diagnostic with c110

Post by Robert T » Mon 20 Jul, 2015 18:22

I'm afraid the ABS light will periodically reset itself, only to come back on again when you are driving the car. If you had an open or short circuit, the error might come back immediately, but the system other problems are only picked up when the wheel is rotating and the ABS system can detect a discrepancy between wheels. You need to drive the car to make sure you have fixed the problem.

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