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Harry Fairbairn Glasgow

Post by Hairycheeks » Mon 07 Sep, 2015 12:45

Got my zed booked in here for an inspection 2 service, £361, firstly is it worth the money, and has anyone ever had any problems with these guys? Cheers.

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Re: Harry Fairbairn Glasgow

Post by knighthawk » Tue 08 Sep, 2015 21:56

Not worth the money :oops:

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Re: Harry Fairbairn Glasgow

Post by lightning » Wed 09 Sep, 2015 13:18

Easy to do yourself. I can do an inspection 2 service on my 3.0 Z3 in about two hours. It does not look like it when you open the bonnet, but it's the easiest car to service that l have ever owned.

All you really need is a set of drive on ramps to raise the front of the car. Or some other way to get to the sump plug. Air filter change takes under a minute. Oil filter about two minutes and the design means you don't even spill any oil.
Brake fluid change is dead easy with a pressure bleeding kit such as the Sealey one.

You could buy the ramps, bleeding kit, oil filter socket and service kit for under £200. Then you'll have all the kit ready for next time, when it will cost you under £100.

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Re: Harry Fairbairn Glasgow

Post by yme402 » Sat 28 Nov, 2015 10:14

Harry Fairbairn is Arnold Clark. Apparently BMW will not allow the Arnold Shark name to be linked to their franchise. Cannot for the life of me think why........?

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Re: Harry Fairbairn Glasgow

Post by Del » Sat 28 Nov, 2015 11:14

To give you some comparison, Audi Main Dealers charge £309 for a major service on a 2.0 car over 3-years old. Your service will most likely include all filters, plugs and engine oil - & a general "check over". A brake fluid change will normally be extra and from a BMW main dealer and is likely to cost at least £70. What constitutes "good value" is really down to individual owners. Main dealer parts will be top quality.

I don't think an Inspection 2 will include things like coolant change, diff and gearbox oil changes and new fuel filter. I would guess the main dealer costs for all these to be at least another £200.

If you went down the DIY route you could save almost £300 which would almost buy a new soft top from Croydon Soft Tops. :)

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Re: Harry Fairbairn Glasgow

Post by bertiejaffa » Wed 02 Dec, 2015 12:34

No way if just for inspection 2.... if you can't do it yourself just get a decent indi to do it - one of the £99 service ones - your car doesn't need anything special that you cant pick up from halfords or euro car parts
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