Anyone else SORN for winter?

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Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by Benw123 » Fri 13 Nov, 2015 13:31

After a great first 6 months with my Zed, as planned I've recently put it on SORN for the winter months. We're a three-car household, so as well as a chance to save a bit of cash running it, there are a few jobs (rear brakes and exhaust mainly) that need attention.

This is my first BMW and I have to say, I'm really impressed with it. Despite being 16 years old and costing just £2,300 with 83k on the clock, all it's asked for is petrol in the tank and been perfectly reliable. The plan is to MoT and tax it from April.

Following a house move last year, for the first time I'm lucky enough to have an integrated garage so a few weekends spent tidying up meant that the Zed fits in quite well:


Since the photo, I've put it on axle stands and removed the wheels, while the battery is also out and on a solar charger. Will put some more pics up over the winter months as I work my way through the winter list :)
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William P
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Re: Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by William P » Fri 13 Nov, 2015 14:40

Yes me too so that I can complete my list of jobs which includes a complete front suspension rebuild with new shock absorbers, top mounts, drop links, rear track control arm bushes and anti roll bar bushes. New rear shock absorbers, new top mounts, new bonnet release cable and a full service :shock: .
Also have the rip in the drivers seat repaired. I have all the parts just need the time to do it all :?

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Re: Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by jonzee » Fri 13 Nov, 2015 15:23

AAAHHH a garage I can only dream.
Mine (when its not lunching various electrical parts) gets used all year round, Gives me an excuse to keep cleaning it.

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Re: Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by Sloperboy » Fri 13 Nov, 2015 15:51

Sorn and on stands in garage, front wishbones and drop links off, new ones arrived along with power flex bushes, steering colum exposed for retrofit cruise control fit, seats out, carpets lifted up a bit and foams squeezed of this years intake!

Also got leather dye kit to sort out bolster on drivers seat, bosch aero wipers, shell oil, BMW oil filter with the three o rings, MANN air filter, new engine belts and awaiting seat belt holder repair kit from our friendly member to arrive, unfortunately still Got DSC light on but will get tracking done in the new year before trip to BMW dealer to get it plugged in to see what's up, let's hope nothing too expensive :bawl:

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Re: Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by Z3andZ4 » Fri 13 Nov, 2015 16:46

Haven't SORN Z3 but decided this year to SORN Z4M coupe.

With the Road tax at £505 and never driving it during winter months it was staring me in the face..............

I also put winter tyres on winter alloys on the Z3 so it was stupid of me to never SORN it before......

Got the cheque back from DVLA 2 days after SORNing the Z4M coupe was well chuffed thinking about the money saving as it will be money towards the tow new tyres the Z4M coupe needs for next summer :-)
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Re: Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by Alan W » Fri 13 Nov, 2015 16:50

Always SORN mine, only comes out in the summer months, usually May through to September
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Re: Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by lightning » Fri 13 Nov, 2015 17:36

Mine's off the road for Winter, but l don't bother jacking up the wheels off the ground etc. I do move the car once a month and warm up the engine/turn on the aircon for a while, and have never had any trouble with tyres flat spotting etc.

I leave the handbrake off and service it before putting it back on the road.

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Re: Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by Benw123 » Fri 13 Nov, 2015 18:23

Glad I'm not the only one then! I also thought of all the salt and winter road grime plus few chances to get the roof down too.
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Re: Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by Deano1712 » Fri 13 Nov, 2015 18:36

Mines been SORN for a few months. Just started working on it today. Engine is coming out. Will be doing a few hrs here and there, no rush. Damn cold in rhe garage :-(
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Re: Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by peter2b » Fri 13 Nov, 2015 19:47

now I've got the hard top on +12 months tax she's going to be in use over most of this winter getting tucket up in a nice dry garage after run outs

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Re: Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by Alfie » Sat 14 Nov, 2015 18:03

With the new road tax regulations and paying monthly, it's really easy to SORN / UNSORN online on a monthly basis.
But to be cost effective, (ie: to work the system to best advantage) you just have to make sure you SORN at the end of the month.


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Re: Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by larrygroke » Sun 15 Nov, 2015 13:55

mine wont be SORN those special days in the winter I will be taking her out...although I will be soon based in Portsmouth so I will have to decide what car to drive from Plymouth up!

if there are any meets up around that area please let me know in advance and I will drive the Zed up (LOU)

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Re: Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by stevov » Sun 15 Nov, 2015 20:17

Daily driver. Keep it clean and wash underneath. All undersealed paint freshened and all new suspension plus a ton of other improvements. Just got to find another 100hp.supercharger on the menu . Took a while but happy with the balance and geometry.

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Re: Anyone else SORN for winter?

Post by BeemerBoyo » Sat 21 Nov, 2015 08:30

Well, I had my Z3 2.2 Sport serviced and MOT by AW Autoworks in Teesside some weeks ago ready for winter hibernation. Using Comma fully synthetic oil 5W 30 with new filter, brake fluid change and a full once over. Remember that lovely Sunday we had at the end of October? Instead of SORNING we had a glorious last day out 220 mile jaunt across to the Lake District but came back in darkness and fog!!

So Taff as he is known will be sorned today. Put a new set of Bosch plugs in last week as I was starting to get a cold missfire again. Also fitted an aluminium billet front strut brace which I got new off eBay.

So my advice from AW Autoworks last winter was start the engine every 2 weeks and warm it right up to normal. Left handbrake off and increased tyre pressures. Did that for 4 months and no problems at all. I have a trickle charger and battery conditioner on the battery and just left in the car.

New for this year is a full dust cover in breathable fleece with a nice BMW crest on the bonnet end.

Roll on the spring time. Looking forward to our Easter weekend away.
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