Anybody want to buy my Z3 3.0

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Re: Anybody want to buy my Z3 3.0

Post by Dino D » Fri 04 Dec, 2015 14:43

Hardtop on their own can be £500 but what about the fitting kit...I sold my black one with kit for 900.
Topaz blue is popular colour.
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Re: Anybody want to buy my Z3 3.0

Post by Bonzo » Sun 06 Dec, 2015 23:54

lightning wrote:I am surprised after posting the pictures that nobody has nibbled.

Not sure what l can do, maybe if l reduced the price to £1500? Or if l said that Beyonce owned it before me, and drove around in it naked, that might tempt somebody to at least come and look at it?
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Re: Anybody want to buy my Z3 3.0

Post by Southernboy » Mon 07 Dec, 2015 07:10

Patience buddy... I have found that doing a couple of really good pics will help. When I sold my 2.8 I found a few top class graffiti painted walls... one had a really great "Chinese" dragon painted along it and I posed the car in front of it, took some pics. Also, if you look up the official specs of the car and list them, plus do a small emotive write-up... eg. If you were ever into riding motorbikes as a youngster and really miss that open air thrill, driving a Z3 is as near as dammit to reliving the experience and you don't need a helmet. Or - if you have never experienced open top roadster cruising, you haven't lived. The Z3 may not be the fastest roadster, but it isn't the slowest either, and with the solid BMW engineering on these cars it offers safe and comfortable fun for you and you companion. A good car as a commuter or as a touring machine for two... etc etc... get as "artistic" as you can with your pics... drop the top, find a wall you can climb on top of and get some pics of the interior from up high... park on an inclined road instead of a level street... it just adds to the overall image...
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Re: Anybody want to buy my Z3 3.0

Post by lightning » Mon 07 Dec, 2015 07:47

Yes you have some good ideas there. As yet l have not advertised the car, except on this thread.

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