rear window - nightmare

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rear window - nightmare

Post by Gordon13 » Sun 08 May, 2016 08:52

So, last autumn the rear window developed a small split - time to replace it, cant be that hard can it ??

carried out some research and and came across a genuine BMW screen, which I bought for £100. Bargain.

last week as the weather has warmed up I decided to tackle it.

I was going to do lots of pics but got so frustrated with it, all that went out the window, so to speak

Old window out - easy

With help from the boss, we set about zipping in the new window - or not.

the zip just wouldn't mesh. attempt after attempt ended in failure,

after a couple of hours getting more irate at the thing, :head: we had a cup of tea and took stock of the situation.

We concluded that the zip pull that came with the window must be at fault, or even not the correct one :x

off on a hunt for a zip and eventually found one with a brass zip pull

that nearly worked so a little squash in the vice to make the trailing channel tighter and with lots of tugging and swearing plus the odd squirt of silicone it was in

Quickly put the cleat in to stop it all coming apart !!

TIS says that if it isn't perfect then remove it and move the zip alignment one tooth to the left or right - that wont be happening - I'm not sure if its perfect but after a week fitted it has settled in nice and flat.

Gluing in the hood flap has a doddle in comparison :wink:

what I bought had been opened so its possible, and I think likely, that the zip pull had been lost and any old one thrown in to make it complete, so may be not such a bargain. However, after a near divorce and lots of blue air, its done and looks OK. Phew.

A couple of completed pics to make up for the lack of step by step guide



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Re: rear window - nightmare

Post by motco » Sun 08 May, 2016 14:51

Goods fine to me! :sunny

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Re: rear window - nightmare

Post by gookah » Sun 08 May, 2016 17:52

Slight ripple in it indicates a tooth out. I would have another go if I was you..... :evil:

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Re: rear window - nightmare

Post by bertiejaffa » Sun 08 May, 2016 23:08

gookah wrote:Slight ripple in it indicates a tooth out. I would have another go if I was you..... :evil:
and then you can do the write up as promised too..... :twisted:
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