Fuel smell from tank filler pot

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Fuel smell from tank filler pot

Post by 2400rg » Thu 19 May, 2016 20:39

Had a bad fuel smell on my z3 2.8
Smell from around Petrol cap.
Checked cap rubber . Looked at tank filler pot.
Cleaned pot out but found cracks . Bought new.
Attach string to drain pipe and unclip from tank under car. Pull out rubber pot a very short way , prise open clip .
Re- clip new pot and push back in . Pull back down drain pipe with string and re- clip. Be careful not to lose drain pipe or its path..
There is no access from wheel arch .
Hope this is useful

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Re: Fuel smell from tank filler pot

Post by Bin » Sun 22 May, 2016 10:20

I had the same during my recent trip to the Lakes; turns out I simply hadn't turned the fuel cap all the way back on until it clicked into place.

Having read a post by another member some time ago regarding persistent fuel smell, I was worried I might be in for the same trials and tribulations he has had!

Thankfully not.

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