Squealing wheel? (brakes)

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Squealing wheel? (brakes)

Post by Warrior » Sun 03 Jul, 2016 01:14

Had a *loud squealing noise coming from the drivers side front earlier today. Lasted about 30 seconds I slowed to turn right, dabbed the brakes and it stopped. Happened a couple more times on a 15 mile round trip. *thought an ambulance was close or house alarm going off nearby!

Last years MOT had an advisory - sticking brake on same side. Had it looked at, bit of squirt and been good ever since. This years MOT a couple of months back said brake pads wearing but again only an advisory.

I've probably travelled less than 200 miles since the MOT and have not been out for 2-3 weeks.

Obviously she'll need to go up on the ramp for a checkover but anything else I should consider other than new brake pads?

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Re: Squealing wheel? (brakes)

Post by stevov » Sun 03 Jul, 2016 07:59

A bit of squirt is not really attending to the problem which sounds like either sticking /seized slider(s) or caliper piston. The real problem being lack of use. Get your calipers overhauled as well as new pads. Sadly the lack of use will probably result in the same problems in the future.

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