Which glue do I need?

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Which glue do I need?

Post by billysally208 » Sun 31 Jul, 2016 15:17

Hi, Not a major issue, but struggling to sort out the right sort of glue I need, and would be grateful for any suggestions. Round the rear window of my Z3 is plastic trim or piping. It has come adrift in one corner and I have tried glueing it back in place with a contact adhesive but it doesn’t seem to hold it in place. When the roof is properly shut, there is a considerable amount of tension in the fabric, which acts to pull the seam apart. I have glued it with the roof half open and allowing to cure overnight, but as soon as I close the roof it pulls the seam apart again, I really need a fast acting glue that is strong enough to do the job, and preferably black. I am thinking of trying black hot glue sticks next, but would welcome any other suggestions

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Re: Which glue do I need?

Post by BonBon » Sun 31 Jul, 2016 16:26

Black Super 7 is the best I have found by a long-shot.
http://www.mikosealants.com/super-7-sea ... -oz-290ml/

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