Which Outdoor Cover?

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Which Outdoor Cover?

Post by Maljones » Sat 31 Dec, 2016 16:16

Hi Y'All! Just joined the "tribe "having bought a 2.2 in beautiful Sienna Red.As I want to keep it beautiful but unable to garage it for a couple of months , can anybody tell me where I should go for a good quality car cover these days ? ?

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Re: Which Outdoor Cover?

Post by Koolflyer » Sat 31 Dec, 2016 17:25

Hi Maljones, I had a cheap full cover but all it did was retain dampness between the car and it, and worst of all, it scratched the paint work on the 'tight' points. I splashed out 3 years a go a bought a Hamiltons 5 layer full cover, but you get what you pay for. Good airflow so no dampness, plus its got a really nice soft lining so my Zed comes out of hibernation in March all polished! http://www.hamiltonclassic.co.uk

Regards Pete
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Re: Which Outdoor Cover?

Post by peter2b » Sat 31 Dec, 2016 18:22

I got one from halfords last year didn't scratch and was breathable not too expensive either lasted over winter in bad weather but you need extra tie downs to keep it in place if exposed

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Re: Which Outdoor Cover?

Post by davieb » Mon 02 Jan, 2017 16:42

I didn't have a good experience with an expensive Hamilton car cover. Within a few months of buying it, I found that every time I took it off, it was wet underneath. This was in a rather wet autumn. I spoke to one of the Hamilton staff at the NEC classic car show, and he fobbed it off with "it must be condensation, it's designed that way." About 15 months or so later, after a very wet winter, I took it off after a couple of months of not using the car (M Coupe) and found that the seats and other interior leather was mouldy. I would add that the cover was, for the most part, sodden, over the couple of months prior. So all it had done was trap in the rain that had soaked into the cover. I might be mistaken of course - I can't claim to understand the laws of nature/physics etc., that combined to give me that result, but this year I've just gone back to a £50 Halfords cover, no problem as yet.

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