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  Z3 coupe 3.0i


Post by k9paul » Fri 10 Feb, 2017 22:38

need to put a new rad in a 3.0l auto year 2000 don't want to put the bummer one with the plastics ends in any ideas for a good alternative

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  Z3 roadster 3.0i
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Re: cooling

Post by lightning » Tue 21 Mar, 2017 18:14

The plastic ones are usually fine, mine's lasted 14 years so far.
The only time you'd likely have a problem is if tbe cooling system was over pressurizing for some reason (such as a faulty head gasket)

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Re: cooling

Post by Dino D » Wed 22 Mar, 2017 22:54

Mishimoto do all aluminum rads but not a direct fit for the Z3. It's thicker so you need to lose the viscous fan (either run with the aircon fan only or fit a slim electric to replace the viscous).
The standard rad is fine and only fail after 10-15yrs plus, mines 19yrs old and still fine but I think I'll change it soon along with plastic expansion tank just to be safe. Long enough life span really.

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  Z3 roadster 2.8

Re: cooling

Post by deni2s » Thu 23 Mar, 2017 09:08

Zionsville Autosport radiators are the best, but they are not cheap.

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