In need of sill panels in cosmos black

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In need of sill panels in cosmos black

Post by Rich-Z » Mon 06 Mar, 2017 19:06

Hi all, I have some bubbling on my sills that I've noticed getting bigger. Started to grind back realized there is a lot more than I thought. Been thinking of sourcing replacement panels but it's a headache trying to find them let alone is cosmos black! Does anyone on here know where I could get my hands on some? Car is a 97 1.9

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Re: In need of sill panels in cosmos black

Post by Del » Tue 07 Mar, 2017 09:59

Tricky as they are model specific and you need ones from a pre-facelift, narrow body 1.9 and most 2nd hand will be equally as old and rusty. I ended up buying new ones from BMW and getting a friend to respray. If you are doing a de-rust programme you can also clean and treat the rear wings and front corner panels (rear) where they meet the sill covers and trap dirt and moisture.

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Re: In need of sill panels in cosmos black

Post by Juvvajuvva » Tue 07 Mar, 2017 23:26

Try nubodyautos on eBay.

He has a lot of body panels.

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Re: In need of sill panels in cosmos black

Post by c_w » Wed 08 Mar, 2017 16:31

As per previous reply, if you want to make the car good then new panels from BMW are probably your only bet. 2nd hand panels will likely to be rusty, and as you probably found, they rust from the inside out, so grinding doesn't help as it's coming from the other side.

Sill removal isn't too bad, just a process of undoing enough 7/8mm bolts to get them off!. Also as above, they are different on each variant of car, even wide body late and early seem to be different.

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